On Magic in Fantasy – 4

read part 1 read part 3We have seen that, when prepared, powerful spellcasters are all but invulnerable to the threat posed by mundane melee, regardless of the number of warriors faced. However, this does not make them invulnerable. The key word here is: “prepared.”Yes, mages are extremely problematic when they know precisely what they are … Continue reading On Magic in Fantasy – 4

On Magic in Fantasy – 3

read part 1 read part 2 As fantasy role-players and fiction fans, what is it that we are after in a setting? Well, of course we want a realm to play in that provides powerful magicusers as well as epic medieval battles. Swords and sorcery! This is the genre in which we find ourselves, yes?However, … Continue reading On Magic in Fantasy – 3

On Magic in Fantasy – 2

Read Part 1In the previous installment, I explored my notions about characters using magic consistently and coherently within the wider story. Basically, that characters should not be given magical abilities or superpowers unless you are prepared to have them use them at every given opportunity. This time, I will investigate what the use of magic … Continue reading On Magic in Fantasy – 2

On Magic in Fantasy – 1

What is the genre of fantasy without magic? That is hard to say, actually. I suppose it all comes down to one’s personal preferences.Certainly, it is quite possible to tell a fantasy story with next to no magic, such as Tolkien did. For being the author that basically created the genre as we know it, … Continue reading On Magic in Fantasy – 1

Writer’s Block

Writer's block is generally one of two things:Either you're making excuses for laziness, or don't have anything to say.The defining characteristic that makes an artist is the ability to finish what they start after the muse of inspiration has died. Unless you are writing short poems and essays, or very short stories, your creative side … Continue reading Writer’s Block

On Syntax, Spelling, and Punctuation

Okay, here’s the deal kids: If you don’t make at least some effort to follow the conventional rules of English, I don’t bother reading anything you write. This is not because I am some kind of “grammar nazi,” or am being petty on some principle. It is because I value my time too highly. If … Continue reading On Syntax, Spelling, and Punctuation

Character Concept

Name: Chad “River” WakefieldAge: 26Race: CaucasianNationality: American (”I really consider myself a citizen of the world.” #blessed)Occupation: monetized positivity on social media; trust fund recipientPassions (not hobbies): dreadlocks and beard maintenance; “living life to the fullest;” helping attractive people with their body positivity; oral sex; cultural appropriation; drugs (“consciousness expansion, please!”)Catch Phrase: “It’s all about … Continue reading Character Concept