On Syntax, Spelling, and Punctuation

Okay, here’s the deal kids:

If you don’t make at least some effort to follow the conventional rules of English, I don’t bother reading anything you write. This is not because I am some kind of “grammar nazi,” or am being petty on some principle. It is because I value my time too highly.

If I have to figure out what you are trying to say before I can think about what you are saying, I’m not going to bother. I won’t because it is my experience that the thoughts expressed by those who don’t write properly are so rarely worth reading.

Again, this is not about having a stick up your ass for conforming to rules like some kind of slave to the establishment, man. It is about communication. When you are trying to communicate, anything that impedes quick understanding of your message is counterproductive. Do people with speech impediments often get hired as newscasters? So it goes with the basic rules of English composition.

Then there’s another side of this coin. Back when I was prone to troll baiting on other online forums, I would encounter the notion, again and again, that just because I make the effort to write properly, I must deeply care about what I’m writing. So, you see, writing correctly works. But to assume such would, in fact, be a mistake.

I am a very slow reader, no doubt with some kind of learning disability. Therefore, with a proper flow, I am able to compose and write at about half the speed I read at. Of course I’ll run through what I’ve written afterwards, do a quick proofread, to make sure everything is legible.

I’m not saying I’m special here, either. These are skill sets. Just take the fucking time to do things properly, and over time you won’t even notice it. If communicating with writing is something you want to do, why wouldn’t you make the effort to reach as many people as possible? To be taken as seriously as possible?

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