The Children of Stron – Table of Contents (spoilers)

Book One

part 1: Killing Rebels – The Pekot lads cut their teeth killing a squad of bandit scum.

part 2: Sir Gareth – The lads are praised by Sir Gareth and treated to a camp feast. Knuckle’s attempt to join in gang rape spurs a discussion of footwear.

part 3: Brother Simon – Returning to the Pekot orphanage, the lads are lectured on the dangers of the world by the venerable Brother Simon.

part 4: Brother Willem & Choke – Choke receives career counseling from the orphanage’s abbot.

part 5: Mannis – Baron’s half-brother in bastardom comes to the orphanage and shakes things up.

part 6: Bush Hoors – Mannis takes the lads into the bush and treats them to some of the cheapest prostitutes that money, or goblin ears, can buy.

part 7: Goblins – The lads heroically save the occupants of a coach being ambushed by goblins on the road to Strana.

part 8: Ride to Strana – The lads escort the rescued Maythorn sisters to their finishing school near Strana. Lovely picnicing ensues along the way.

part 9: Strana Stout & Wings – The lads take in the sights and get some career counseling from Mannis over lunch.

part 10: Brothel & the Mage Tower – Choke goes to check out the Mage Tower while Mannis treats Dungar, Pinch, and Knuckle to a brothel visit.

part 11: Mage Tower & Cathedral – Choke has a fun surprise in the Mage Tower library. Then he and the others go to the Cathedral and dinner before saying farewell to Dungar and Mannis at the barge.

part 12: Bridgetown at Night – Choke, Pinch, and Knuckle enjoy a night on the town and meet a couple of lovely local ladies who expose them to some of the nuances of Bridgetown culture.

part 13: Terrence’s Offer – In debt to the Bridgetown gangster, Terrence, the lads are recruited to help him retrieve a package from a rival gang.

part 14: Terrence’s Package – The lads hit Double Horseshoes Freight.

part 15: Getaway – The lads escape Strana and struggle to get back with Terrence’s package.

part 16: Delivering the Goods – Returning to Strana, the lads complete their mission.

part 17: Dinner With Terrence – The lads spend an enlightening and stupefying evening with the Bridgetown gang boss.

part 18: Farewell Strana – The lads hit the open road.

Book Two

part 19: Repentance in Spitzer – The squad rides to Spitzer in Spaggot Barony and repent of their Strana sin at the church.

part 20: Peep – The lads head out to see what kind of trouble they can get into in Spitzer at night and find more than they bargained for, thanks to someone from Choke’s past.