The Children of Stron – Table of Contents (spoilers)

Book One

part 1: Killing Rebels – The Pekot lads cut their teeth killing a squad of bandit scum.

part 2: Sir Gareth – The lads are praised by Sir Gareth and treated to a camp feast. Knuckle’s attempt to join in gang rape spurs a discussion of footwear.

part 3: Brother Simon – Returning to the Pekot orphanage, the lads are lectured on the dangers of the world by the venerable Brother Simon.

part 4: Brother Willem & Choke – Choke receives career counseling from the orphanage’s abbot.

part 5: Mannis – Baron’s half-brother in bastardom comes to the orphanage and shakes things up.

part 6: Bush Hoors – Mannis takes the lads into the bush and treats them to some of the cheapest prostitutes that money, or goblin ears, can buy.

part 7: Goblins – The lads heroically save the occupants of a coach being ambushed by goblins on the road to Strana.

part 8: Ride to Strana – The lads escort the rescued Maythorn sisters to their finishing school near Strana. Lovely picnicing ensues along the way.

part 9: Strana Stout & Wings – The lads take in the sights and get some career counseling from Mannis over lunch.

part 10: Brothel & the Mage Tower – Choke goes to check out the Mage Tower while Mannis treats Dungar, Pinch, and Knuckle to a brothel visit.

part 11: Mage Tower & Cathedral – Choke has a fun surprise in the Mage Tower library. Then he and the others go to the Cathedral and dinner before saying farewell to Dungar and Mannis at the barge.

part 12: Bridgetown at Night – Choke, Pinch, and Knuckle enjoy a night on the town and meet a couple of lovely local ladies who expose them to some of the nuances of Bridgetown culture.

part 13: Terrence’s Offer – In debt to the Bridgetown gangster, Terrence, the lads are recruited to help him retrieve a package from a rival gang.

part 14: Terrence’s Package – The lads hit Double Horseshoes Freight.

part 15: Getaway – The lads escape Strana and struggle to get back with Terrence’s package.

part 16: Delivering the Goods – Returning to Strana, the lads complete their mission.

part 17: Dinner With Terrence – The lads spend an enlightening and stupefying evening with the Bridgetown gang boss.

part 18: Farewell Strana – The lads hit the open road.

Book Two

part 19: Repentance in Spitzer – The squad rides to Spitzer in Spaggot Barony and repent of their Strana sin at the church.

part 20: Peep – The lads head out to see what kind of trouble they can get into in Spitzer at night and find more than they bargained for, thanks to someone from Choke’s past.

part 21: Detained – Taken to the Spitzer gaol, Choke explains himself to the sheriff and Father Morrenthall’s tracker, Thorn. The lads decide to try their hand at bounty hunting.

part 22: Bountyhunting – Under the leadership of Thorn, the lads team up with Peep and head into the bush to collect heads for money.

part 23: Gobos From the Ridge – The squad set up an ambush for the goblins following them.

part 24: Bandit Lookouts – The squad reach the bandit hideout’s lookout post and engage the enemy.

part 25: Ambush – The bandits sent to relieve the lookouts are dealt with.

part 26: Goldy – The squad storms the bandit hideout.

part 27: Womenfolk & Orphans – The lads discover that killing bandits is somewhat more complicated than they expected.

part 28: Amia & Dugger – The squad welcomes two new members.

part 29: The Littlefoot Trail – Bad weather complicates matters on the way back to Burnthistle.

part 30: Deal With Peep – Peep and Choke hash out a deal while Thorn is off getting help from the military outpost.

part 31: Burnthistle Garrison – Thorn and the squad negotiate a quagmire of the kingdom’s finest.

part 32: Peep’s Baptism – The Squad move on to Callic village where the parish priest heals up Knuckle and Pinch, and welcomes Peep into the fold of Stronianism.

part 33: Amia’s Wedding – The community of Callic celebrates Amia’s wedding to one of its farmers while Peep grapples with the consequences of her baptism.

part 34: Peep’s Possession – Peep and Choke come to a deeper understanding.

Book Three

part 35: Sheriff Waters in Spitzer – The squad collect their bounty on Orcstabber from the sheriff and get some advice.

part 36: Father Morrenthall & Peep – In meeting Peep, Father Morrenthall has a religious epiphany, and Peep volunteers to scout the town of Spitzer.

part 37: Peep’s Breakfast Story – Peep tells the lads of her nighttime discoveries as a boy, before they grapple with news of a mysterious murder.

part 38: Main Street – Outfitting themselves at the church and avoiding engagement with Peep’s worshipers there, the squad then head to Main Street and get their first look at Alan “the Chisel” Mason and his men.

part 39: The Chisel & Thorn’s Advice – At the general store, the squad have a quick word with the Chisel before meeting with Thorn at the church.

part 40: The Tanglefoot Trail – Heading out Bristlehump-way to lose the Chisel.

part 41: Shane & Earl – A restful evening spent winning over the hearts and minds of some of Callic valley’s finest yokels.

part 42: The Desolate One – The squad learn of Shane and Earl’s neighbor, an undead dread knight. Earl gives Peep a magic ring and an invitation from it.

part 43: Father Nate & Peep’s Ring – Father Nate figures out Peep’s magic ring for her.

part 44: Arlen’s Tavern – Father Nate takes the squad to lunch to sound out the locals about their troubles.

part 45: The Ungers – Near the Old Mill, local yeoman archers and their families welcome the squad and teach them a thing or two.

part 46: The Old Mill – The first scout of the notoriously evil site ensnares the squad into the full meal.

part 47: Ettercap – Into the Old Mill tower lair to save Knuckle from the horror that took him.

part 48: Knuckle’s Rescue – The men from the Unger compound aid in retrieving Knuckle from the ettercap’s web.

part 49: Healing & Cleansing – Father Nate helps everyone reckon with the horrors of the Old Mill.

Book Four

part 50: Burning – Everyone parties hard at Otilla’s Burning of the Old Mill. Some more than others.

part 51: Under the Old Mill – Choke receives some mentoring from Munn, and the squad head down to clear the basement chambers of the Old Mill.

part 52: Chores & Leisure – Getting on with the business of the day, Peep still finds the chance to get Pinch some fun.

part 53: A Word With the Chisel – Peep heads into town to conversate with their adversary.

part 54: Peep’s Goose Chase – Peep gets the Chisel and his men following her to see what might be done about them.

part 55: First Blood – Out in the bush, Peep conversates with some of the Chisel’s men in a more hands-on way.

part 56: Intercession – Peep settles in for surveillance, which pays dividends when the Chisel and his men head out after Choke and the boys. Father Nate joins in the fun.

part 57: Captain Fairchild – Thorn takes Peep, Knuckle, Pinch, and Munn to link up with the commander of the goblin task force.

part 58: Justice – Captain Fairchild sees to it that everyone clearly understands the Baron’s will.

part 59: Corporal Donny & Tower Inspection – With justice dispensed, Captain Fairchild rides with the squad to inspect the Old Mill.

part 60: Dinner With Captain Fairchild – Good food, drink, and company are society’s lubricant.

part 61: Hashing it All Out – The squad strike out for Spitzer, and Peep and Choke clear the air.

part 62: Back Into Spitzer – At the local watering hole for the scum of the bush, the squad stop for a quick drink before returning to the church.

part 63: Sheriff & To the Fort – Following a lively exchange of perspectives with the Sheriff, the squad go to Spitzer fort to see about responding to the Baroness’ invitation.

part 64: Father Percy – The Baroness Hart’s priest and Peep lock horns before going to Pinewhispers, her ladyship’s residence.