Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is generally one of two things:

Either you’re making excuses for laziness, or don’t have anything to say.

The defining characteristic that makes an artist is the ability to finish what they start after the muse of inspiration has died. Unless you are writing short poems and essays, or very short stories, your creative side is always going to lose interest long before the piece is done. Then it becomes work. It is not fun, glamorous, or sexy. It is tedious, lonely, and unfulfilling. That’s writing.

Any satisfaction you’ll get from a piece of writing will always come long after you hate the thing. You have to learn to love the grind.

Sometimes, of course, it’s the second thing. I’ll sit there with a deep itch for the grind, but I don’t have a fuckin worthwhile thing to say. I used to drink to deal with this. Now, I generally turn to masturbation.

Then, if that doesn’t work, I’ll write a little something for this blog.

You may have noticed. ; )=

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