Papa on Tickling

Papa. My grandfather.He was full-on German. And by full-on, I mean full-fucking-ON.Born and bred Prussian aristocracy: a real Von from Berlin. I'm not bragging, it just is what it is, and very relevant to who he was. Unless you've been pinned under the gaze of a man who's had that kind of upbringing, you can't … Continue reading Papa on Tickling

Party Time With the Cool Kids

At the first drinking party I went to in high school, everyone was going on about how great the last party was because some chick blew some guy, threw up all over herself, passed out in a bathtub, and then shit her pants. “And you know what? She's coming to the party later! Her brother … Continue reading Party Time With the Cool Kids

An Edmonton Stroll

Every time I return home to Edmonton, I make a point of walking Whyte Avenue from 99th Street to 109th Street.Whyte is a shopping and bar strip near the university that's the closest thing passing for culture in Edmonton. It has some of the city's oldest buildings (about 120 years old), and, depending on the … Continue reading An Edmonton Stroll

The Kraft Champagne Incident

Today I was driving my wife, mother-in-law, and daughter to a nearby village to buy basashi (horse meat eaten raw like sashimi [awesome, by the way]). While driving I had an out-of-the-blue recollection of one of my last alcoholic binges, about ten years ago. At that time, I was trying to sober up a bit, … Continue reading The Kraft Champagne Incident

The Giraffe Schoolgirl

Way back in my first English conversation class for Japanese high school girls, we were talking about “free time” and how we like to spend it. One of my students announced quite boldly that she liked to go to the school library, get a book on giraffes, and then sit there looking at the book … Continue reading The Giraffe Schoolgirl

A Visit With Nancy and Endi

I was recently watching sumo with my Canadian friend, Nancy, and her Japanese cop husband, Endi, at their place. They’re in their sixties and have just built their retirement home on Endi's family property to replace the house that was bust up in the big earthquake.Nancy's from Nova Scotia and is one of those lapsed … Continue reading A Visit With Nancy and Endi