Party Time With the Cool Kids

At the first drinking party I went to in high school, everyone was going on about how great the last party was because some chick blew some guy, threw up all over herself, passed out in a bathtub, and then shit her pants.

“And you know what? She’s coming to the party later! Her brother got her more schnapps!”

I remember thinking: These are the fucking cretins that are all freaked out by me and my friends because we like to smoke weed and listen to Led Zeppelin all night. Maybe play some guitar and take a walk in the ravine. And we’re the ones fucking up our lives?

It wasn’t until more than ten years later that I became a raging alcoholic myself and discovered just what I had been missing back in those days. Although, to my knowledge, I have never blown anyone or shit myself in a bathtub. So I suppose there still are some stones left unturned in my life.

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