On Gamers

Okay, so WTF is Wrong With Gamers?I know this isn't breaking news, but it turns out that “gamers” suck. With behavior like “swatting” people as a goof, threatening rape and murder of women who are critical of the video game industry, and polluting whatever online forums they occupy with their regressive ideas and repetitive attempts … Continue reading On Gamers

How It Has Always Been Done

In an exclusive boarding school for boys, there is an unusual hazing practice. When a young boy first joins his dormitory, the other boys (ranging in ages up to eighteen) drag him from his bed in the middle of the night to the toilets. There, they push his face into a toilet and stick a … Continue reading How It Has Always Been Done

Another PSA For the Young Women

First of all, this is not advice for all young women. If the title were more accurate it would read something like: “advice for those young women who seek a sexual encounter or a more long-term relationship with a male.” That's not the pithiest title, however, so, as is usual in all things, accuracy and … Continue reading Another PSA For the Young Women

Complaining Stoically

“Without complaint” is not an expression one can self-apply without it becoming oxymoronic. “I bear this without complaint because of my love for you.” No you don’t. You just complained! That you chose to do it in a cunty, passive-aggressive way doesn’t mean you get to complain while simultaneously taking credit for the virtue of … Continue reading Complaining Stoically

A Career in the Liberal Arts

I have a liberal arts BA myself: in History. I got it from an excellent department in a first rate Canadian university. I was privileged to receive that education. I am a better, more intelligent person for it. The real purpose of a liberal arts education is not to give you some piece of paper … Continue reading A Career in the Liberal Arts