Complaining Stoically

“Without complaint” is not an expression one can self-apply without it becoming oxymoronic.

“I bear this without complaint because of my love for you.”

No you don’t. You just complained! That you chose to do it in a cunty, passive-aggressive way doesn’t mean you get to complain while simultaneously taking credit for the virtue of stoicism.

“I can’t help you because I am such a generous person.”


“I am, without a doubt, the most humble person you’ll ever meet. Just check out all my selfies if you don’t believe me.”

Doesn’t work. “Humble” is not a term you can self-apply.

Neither can you complain stoically. You look a dick.

So either embrace complaining like the whinging wheeze orifice you are, or shut the fuck up

(As an aside, “humble selfie” is a great oxymoron for our times.)

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