Within our society’s celebrity worshiping nonsense, there is a tendency to lament the torments poor sensitive stars must endure because of their fame. I don’t buy it.

First of all, in order to clarify some definitions, please realize that there are very few artist celebrities left. There used to be a time when someone could be both, but those days are long gone. When Bob Dylan and the last of the Beatles shuffle off this mortal coil, that will be the end of that. So don’t kid yourself: movie stars are not artists. Celebrity is now a pursuit in of itself, utterly bereft of any deeper meaning. To look at it another way: the commodification of culture has killed art within mass media. It’s not that art does not exist somewhere (in a deserted room that ought to be condemned, crying itself to sleep all alone), it’s just that it can’t exist within the modern business models of the entertainment industry.

In Western culture, celebrities are now basically the equivalent of prison guards. The prison is one constructed in our minds, where we fixate on the bread and circuses of celebrity culture. Meanwhile, our souls are extracted one horrifyingly earned and uselessly spent dollar at a time. Our pretty and vapid guards inject us with desire and turn wants into needs. Celebs and influencers get all the big brand items for free, just so they are seen using them. And these multimillionaires take them. This tells you everything you need to know about what is going on.

You wanna be like us, peasant? Well you’d better pony up and look the part. Get spending, you fuckin deadbeats. This economy isn’t going to fix itself.

Maybe you think you’ve freed your mind already. You may be getting all mad about celebrities rocking their swag, and think:“yeah, fuck them! They don’t need all that, and yet they get it for free!”

If you are thinking this way, you are still deep inside the prison. No one needs that shit. No one. The difference between a quality $200 handbag and a $2000 dollar designer handbag is entirely in your head. And the difference between the $200 one and a $20 one is basically negligible.

The only reason slavery doesn’t exist in a formalized sense in the West anymore is because the powerful, the industrialists, figured out a system that does not require it. They have crafted a multitude of ways to train us to do what they want.

“You, consumers! Yeah, you. Did you know that the state of the economy is your fault? Yeah, it is, you fuckin deadbeat. You aren’t confident enough. You aren’t spending enough. You need to consume more.

“Halloween is right around the corner! Sugar! Sugar and plastic shit made by slave kids in a faraway land. Shaped just the way we know you like it! Then Thanksgiving! Christmas! Valentine’s Day! Shop till you drop! Get that new car! Can’t afford it? Lease it! Get another credit card! A bank loan! Payday loan! You can’t afford to miss these deals!

“Just sign on the line and we’ll juice you till you fuckin die. That’s your purpose.”

Well, fuck your system and its bullshit status symbols. I have a new form of consumer satisfaction. I use cash, and I derive my satisfaction from seeing how long I can keep from spending it. I get my kicks from keeping my big bills intact. Because, fuck you! You can keep your fucking air points, I’m going off the grid. And I aint the only one. Stings, doesn’t it?

The failure of your bullshit economic system is not the fault of the people at its bottom.

Blaming millennials for killing bullshit industries, like golf or diamonds, is no different than blaming bad productivity on the Asian slave children making your crap.

So to all my fellow 99%:

Stop. Think. Do you really need to spend all the money that you do? What are your priorities? Are they yours, or are you just spasmodically doing what you have been trained to do through internet addiction and celebrity worshiping advertising, movies, and television.

Put your fucking phone down once in a while and have a think about what you are doing. Big picture thoughts. You don’t need to do this every day, just from time to time. Preferably when you are about to spend money you don’t really have on shit you don’t need.

Treat your money as if it is your life force, because most of us sure as fuck are trading our lives in to get it. One shitty hour at a time. So be stingy with what you have.

Stop paying the 1% to fuck you.

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