Dumpster Fire Chique

A huge industrial dumpster. Plumes of toxic black smoke roil out of it into the sky over tongues of orange flame. Nubile models with dead sooty eyes feed the flames with pitchforks from atop piles of designer goods. Gucci. Louis Vuitton. Hermes. Handbags. Clothes. Shoes. All speared and thrown to the flames. At one end … Continue reading Dumpster Fire Chique


Within our society's celebrity worshiping nonsense, there is a tendency to lament the torments poor sensitive stars must endure because of their fame. I don't buy it. First of all, in order to clarify some definitions, please realize that there are very few artist celebrities left. There used to be a time when someone could … Continue reading Unplug

Corporate Capitalism Fucks the Gizmal

To start with, let's get one thing straight here: capitalism isn't bad. Basic capitalism isn't the problem. People selling their goods and services for money that they can buy goods and services with is a fine way to function. There's nothing wrong with this. It's the parasitic class of corporate capitalists that are the problem. … Continue reading Corporate Capitalism Fucks the Gizmal

Robot Tears

In the future when the Earth is a toxic wasteland and the descendants of the 1% live in space, toilets are a thing of the past. The Gentle Shitsucker line of robots cleanse and pleasure as they dispose of human waste. With a wide variety of RealFlesh orifice attachments, they can be tailored to suit … Continue reading Robot Tears