Within our society's celebrity worshiping nonsense, there is a tendency to lament the torments poor sensitive stars must endure because of their fame. I don't buy it. First of all, in order to clarify some definitions, please realize that there are very few artist celebrities left. There used to be a time when someone could … Continue reading Unplug

Photorealism is Dull

I don’t get the obsession with photorealism in visual art. Sure, it’s impressive on a technical level, but what’s the point? Wow! It looks just like the subject! So… why not just look at the subject, then? Or an actual photo of it. Show me something I haven’t seen before. It would be like a … Continue reading Photorealism is Dull

The Secret of My Non-Success

For years I had this default mental mechanism to seeing successful people; particularly artists and creators. I’d go into this pouty, self-pity-party mode with the central theme being: “Why can’t I have that? Why do they get to have that and I don’t?” It took a surprisingly long time for me to figure out the … Continue reading The Secret of My Non-Success