The Secret of My Non-Success

For years I had this default mental mechanism to seeing successful people; particularly artists and creators. I’d go into this pouty, self-pity-party mode with the central theme being:

“Why can’t I have that? Why do they get to have that and I don’t?”

It took a surprisingly long time for me to figure out the answer to these questions.

I can’t have that because I never did anything to achieve it. I never stuck with something for long enough to even have a chance to fail.

It’s like not starting your car and then complaining that it doesn’t accelerate.

It wasn’t the universe, or fate, that was selfishly depriving me of what I truly deserve. It was me choosing not to do what is necessary to succeed.

In reaching this conclusion, the question had to shift.

Why do I sabotage my own success?

That’s a harder one to answer.

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