“White Men Built This Country!”

Well, not literally for the most part, but I take your point. They were the psychotic captains of industry who made it all happen. But, so what?

Yeah, you’re a white man, but what the fuck do your ancestors’ achievements have to do with you? What the fuck have you built? (Besides an AR15 and a worrying collection of psychological disorders and paranoid fantasies.)

Everything you take pride in, you had nothing to do with creating. You regard it as your birthright. And the Other is the entitled one?

You don’t want to acknowledge your ancestors’ crimes, yet you take unearned pride in their achievements. You deny your privilege exists and yet rail against its erosion. You decry the sensitivity of snowflakes and their lack of a “sense of humor,” yet are hypersensitive to any criticism. Indeed all it takes to get you upset is someone not laughing at one of your stupid, bigoted jokes.

You mock the concept of a safe space, but, when you get right down to it, what you are really upset about is the erosion of your safe space. That’s what this hatred towards PC culture is all about: society used to be a safe space for your type of backward, prejudiced, small-minded people.

You want your safe space back.

You are so filled with fear that you can’t live in your own home without a gun. You can’t talk to a person of color, a person from another culture, without an implicit threat of violence and a slur in your mind.

You’re a mess. Take a look at yourself for a change.

Recognize that the insults you hurl at others best describe yourself.

But you won’t.

Because you suck.

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