The American Apocalypse and You

I can't help but be amused when I see Americans describing the doomsday scenarios they see coming coming down the pike at them. Basically, so many of them just describe conditions that many people around the world are already living in.“The stores will be empty, the power will go out, and there won't be any … Continue reading The American Apocalypse and You

America’s Patriotic Cop Killers

When American gun lovers and gun violence fanboys fall back on the argument that they need the Second Amendment and their guns to protect against governmental tyranny, please keep in mind that they just told you that they need their guns in case they need to kill police officers. That is the practicality of what … Continue reading America’s Patriotic Cop Killers

In Other News, Water Remains Wet

Oh, what's this? There's been another mass shooting in the United States? Well, of course there has. Winnipeg is cold. Okinawa gets typhoons. America has mass shootings. Anyone who knows Japan at all knows that Okinawa gets typhoons. It's a given. On a long enough time scale there will certainly be another one along. The … Continue reading In Other News, Water Remains Wet

Quality Television

It's rather interesting how much of American television is devoted to the themes of sexual assault, violent crime, incest, and the worst kinds of interpersonal backstabbing. And that's just the reality TV. The fiction gets even better. It seems you can display the most unbelievably vicious rape and snuff porn, so long as you don't … Continue reading Quality Television

America’s Gay Circus

It has been observed that how a society interacts with its prisoners is a measure of that society itself (Foucault?). So what does it say about the United States, that it is so committed to a penal model that obviously does not work? Clearly, the American penal system is failing in its stated purpose: rehabilitating … Continue reading America’s Gay Circus

“White Men Built This Country!”

Well, not literally for the most part, but I take your point. They were the psychotic captains of industry who made it all happen. But, so what? Yeah, you’re a white man, but what the fuck do your ancestors’ achievements have to do with you? What the fuck have you built? (Besides an AR15 and … Continue reading “White Men Built This Country!”

History Lesson, 2070

So, class, why is it that the United States turned to fascism when it did? Well, as funny and pathetic as it might sound, all it took for America to accept overt white supremacy and fascism was a relatively small drop in white people’s standard of living coinciding with racism no longer being considered humorous … Continue reading History Lesson, 2070