America’s Patriotic Cop Killers

When American gun lovers and gun violence fanboys fall back on the argument that they need the Second Amendment and their guns to protect against governmental tyranny, please keep in mind that they just told you that they need their guns in case they need to kill police officers. That is the practicality of what they are envisioning. There is no other way to interpret the argument.

To take this one step farther: this person therefore has a scenario in their head where cop killing is completely acceptable. Perhaps there is a secret signal that certain bloggers have arranged. “When I post an upside down American flag, that means I think it’s okay for ya’ll to start killing pigs.”

Of course, there are plenty of criminal and antisocial people out there who advocate cop killing. I’m just a little surprised how cool mainstream society is with folks explicitly saying they are preparing to kill police when those people are:

A: White.

B: Also hitting Republican or Trumpist talking points.

And C: Framing the conversation in nebulous terms of constitutional rights and freedoms.

It seems to go over everybody’s fucking heads. They’ve heard the arguments so many times, have had those arrangements of words droned into their ears by supposedly patriotic people for so long, that it doesn’t really have any meaning anymore. The arguments are couched in the language of America’s foundation myths. A fight against tyranny! Taxation without representation! Therefore, I need my stockpile of military grade killing machines for when the government comes to take my freedoms!

It sounds so much more reasonable than someone saying they are planning on killing any police that try to arrest them for whatever reason.

But have a black rapper allude to something in art and people lose their shit. This is nothing new, of course. Clapton sings “I Shot the Sheriff,” and white folks sing in chorus; Ice Tea connects those dots in a more direct fashion and he gets a congressional committee shoved up his ass.

All I’m saying here is that when you hear the gun rights people going on about tyranny and all that, you should try to clear your head from the fog of foundational propaganda and realize what it is they are actually talking about. Just because they are white and wearing an American flag does not mean they are any less dangerous than other groups that like to talk about killing police. It’s just that their gang colors are red, white, and blue.

American Patricians

Sometimes I have to take a moment to sit back and marvel at just how committed American conservatives are to being awful. Their thorough attention to detail in this regard is incredible. They don’t miss a beat!

It’s not just them selfishly doing everything they can to make the world a worse place, to despoil everything they come into contact with; it’s that they take so much obvious pleasure in doing so. For these people, it seems, their greatest source of joy is causing pain.

However, this is nothing new. We can look all the way back to Rome to see their type at work. Roman patricians at the Coliseum, watching people tortured to death by the dozen, then going home to rape their slaves. Pillars of their community, these people. Fine, upstanding Romans all, who spoke of family, duty, and religion.

We might look back at those Romans, at what they did and what they regarded as entertainment, and ask ourselves: how could they have done that? Who were those people?

Well, they weren’t so different from some of ours. They just didn’t bother hiding who they were. They made a show of it. Took pride in it. Used their cruelties as a stark warning to all who would stand against their might.

Our rulers are a little less honest about it. Our cruelties are done behind closed doors. The bloodletting takes place out of sight, with the output packaged neatly in cellophane for thoughtless consumption. Our slavery institutions are systematized in more subtle ways: through corporate capitalism and the criminal justice system.

Our patricians speak of family, duty, and religion, too. They speak of their faith in Jesus as their friend; taking license from him to do what they want. Ignoring his words that make it clear they and their works are the antithesis of what he preached. That their kind of people were the ones who put him to death.

That their plebeian followers would have been in the crowd cheering the Christians martyred.

No, nothing new, these people. Just different symbols. Different spectacles for the plebs.

At its heart, the world is the same as it ever was.

We are the same as we ever were.

In Other News, Water Remains Wet

Oh, what’s this? There’s been another mass shooting in the United States?

Well, of course there has.

Winnipeg is cold. Okinawa gets typhoons. America has mass shootings.

Anyone who knows Japan at all knows that Okinawa gets typhoons. It’s a given. On a long enough time scale there will certainly be another one along. The only unknowns are the frequency of events and their intensity.

And when they come around, we send our thoughts and prayers out to those affected folks in Okinawa. Those victims of this predictable, natural, unstoppable phenomenon.

Thoughts and prayers. Because after things are cleaned up, that’s all there is to do about it. We can’t stop the weather.

Winnipeg is the shits. Okinawa gets typhoons.

The United States has shootings.

Quality Television

It’s rather interesting how much of American television is devoted to the themes of sexual assault, violent crime, incest, and the worst kinds of interpersonal backstabbing. And that’s just the reality TV.

The fiction gets even better. It seems you can display the most unbelievably vicious rape and snuff porn, so long as you don’t show specific naughty bits or say the few taboo swear words, and have intrepid investigators catch and punish the “perp” at the end of the episode. Exposure and punishment meted out by police characters whose “character development” is repeatedly thrusting their aggressive opinions and childhood trauma in people’s face like an ass-lubed cock in a porn orgy. Ass to mouth for the psyche.

Yay! Angry Detective Numer 1 is pistol whipping the rapist! I wonder how his IA interview is going to turn out? I’ll just bet he tells that smarmy, liberal lawyer bitch where to stick her due process! Maybe next week we can find out after watching some ethnic minority jerk off on a toddler.

Are we not entertained?

(In case anyone is wondering what brought this on, my wife watches Law and Order: SVU. I used to call it her “rape show,” but she didn’t care much for that take on it, and I’ve learned from bitter experience that such wife baiting is a one way street into a cul-de-sac of misery and despair. Now I just wear headphones and blog about it. The twenty-first century, first world experience in a nutshell, I expect.)

America’s Gay Circus

It has been observed that how a society interacts with its prisoners is a measure of that society itself (Foucault?). So what does it say about the United States, that it is so committed to a penal model that obviously does not work? Clearly, the American penal system is failing in its stated purpose: rehabilitating offenders and preventing crime/drug use. So it follows that it must be serving other, not articulated, needs.

Of course, the State and the prison industrial complex do very well for themselves with their war on drugs and monetized penal system. That is not my topic here. My question is why so many normal people support this clearly failed system? What need of theirs is it serving?

We all know the fat man who complains about fat women; the narcissists who despise celebrities and yet can’t stop talking about them; the drunks who hate junkies. Self-loathing is thrust out onto an external scapegoat. Prisoners are that for the collective. Even better than just being a metaphorical straw man, these scapegoats can actually be punished.

As to that punishment:

It seems that when you scratch the surface of moral, proper America, we get a fixation on homoerotic BDSM rape. The Romans used lions in their circuses; Americans like prison gangs.

These people might claim that the system has no control over such things, yet they also take (often not so) secret pleasure that it happens. “Let’s see how smug that punk is once he’s thrown in prison with all those [racial epithet deleted].” And they can go about their day with the happy knowledge that the bad people are being punished. With forcible sodomy. Kinky fun for church pew daydreaming.

Hell, the porn for this is piped direct to the masses on basic cable. “Cops” for foreplay, and then “Lockup” for the happy ending. You have to imagine the penetration, but it’s all the hotter for that, I’m sure. The brain is, after all, our biggest sexual organ.

Like the bread and circuses of that other fading empire; only now it’s oxy and rape.

“White Men Built This Country!”

Well, not literally for the most part, but I take your point. They were the psychotic captains of industry who made it all happen. But, so what?

Yeah, you’re a white man, but what the fuck do your ancestors’ achievements have to do with you? What the fuck have you built? (Besides an AR15 and a worrying collection of psychological disorders and paranoid fantasies.)

Everything you take pride in, you had nothing to do with creating. You regard it as your birthright. And the Other is the entitled one?

You don’t want to acknowledge your ancestors’ crimes, yet you take unearned pride in their achievements. You deny your privilege exists and yet rail against its erosion. You decry the sensitivity of snowflakes and their lack of a “sense of humor,” yet are hypersensitive to any criticism. Indeed all it takes to get you upset is someone not laughing at one of your stupid, bigoted jokes.

You mock the concept of a safe space, but, when you get right down to it, what you are really upset about is the erosion of your safe space. That’s what this hatred towards PC culture is all about: society used to be a safe space for your type of backward, prejudiced, small-minded people.

You want your safe space back.

You are so filled with fear that you can’t live in your own home without a gun. You can’t talk to a person of color, a person from another culture, without an implicit threat of violence and a slur in your mind.

You’re a mess. Take a look at yourself for a change.

Recognize that the insults you hurl at others best describe yourself.

But you won’t.

Because you suck.

History Lesson, 2070

So, class, why is it that the United States turned to fascism when it did?

Well, as funny and pathetic as it might sound, all it took for America to accept overt white supremacy and fascism was a relatively small drop in white people’s standard of living coinciding with racism no longer being considered humorous or acceptable in mainstream culture.

However, what followed in the years to come is in no way funny, and is the reason that America’s first flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, is now considered a symbol of hate.