I do understand that movies are mostly made for youngsters, since oldsters like me rarely go to a movie anymore, but really, enough with the superheros already! (Or should I say, Stuporheros.)

Don’t get me wrong: there was a time when I liked superheros too. And then I grew up into a big boy and my mommy stopped buying me their themed underwear. That’s when I got interesting in stories with human characters who were relatable on some level, dealing with human problems in human ways.

You know, stories for people with an emotional age over eight.

What does it say about a society that is so juvenile that it obsessively consumes stories about magical goons that can only be challenged by other magical goons, and maybe sometimes their own hubris (if we’re really digging deep). Whole franchises of “stories” embodying deus ex machina writ large.

I’m not telling anyone what to do here, but it is getting embarrassing, America. Just FYI. Your whole society looks to have become one of those sad types that are just waaaaaaay too into their childish obsessions.

Then we look to the very mature and serious leaders you have selected for yourselves of late and we just have to nod.


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