Explaining Hip Hop to White People

I came to enjoy hip hop rather late. Before I did, I admit I had all the typical complaints I tend to hear from white people about it. So I can certainly understand why many people can't get into it. As with any art form, it all comes down to a matter of taste. I … Continue reading Explaining Hip Hop to White People

“White Men Built This Country!”

Well, not literally for the most part, but I take your point. They were the psychotic captains of industry who made it all happen. But, so what? Yeah, you’re a white man, but what the fuck do your ancestors’ achievements have to do with you? What the fuck have you built? (Besides an AR15 and … Continue reading “White Men Built This Country!”

History Lesson, 2070

So, class, why is it that the United States turned to fascism when it did? Well, as funny and pathetic as it might sound, all it took for America to accept overt white supremacy and fascism was a relatively small drop in white people’s standard of living coinciding with racism no longer being considered humorous … Continue reading History Lesson, 2070