Asian Oldsters

There’s this recurring trope in the West about Asian cultures’ respect for their elders and reverence for the wisdom of the aged. This is invariably presented as some kind of positive. Generally in that slightly fucked way that Western ignoramuses use Asia to highlight and juxtapose what they dislike in their own culture. It’s mostly … Continue reading Asian Oldsters

The Giraffe Schoolgirl

Way back in my first English conversation class for Japanese high school girls, we were talking about “free time” and how we like to spend it. One of my students announced quite boldly that she liked to go to the school library, get a book on giraffes, and then sit there looking at the book … Continue reading The Giraffe Schoolgirl

A Visit With Nancy and Endi

I was recently watching sumo with my Canadian friend, Nancy, and her Japanese cop husband, Endi, at their place. They’re in their sixties and have just built their retirement home on Endi's family property to replace the house that was bust up in the big earthquake.Nancy's from Nova Scotia and is one of those lapsed … Continue reading A Visit With Nancy and Endi

Inverse-Dysmorphia and North Americans

My post last week about my Japanese student's observation that most white people are the shape of Doraemon, the Japanese Garfield, got me thinking about something I noticed a while back while I was visiting my original home of Canada.As someone who’s lived in Japan for over ten years now, I’ve found that most North … Continue reading Inverse-Dysmorphia and North Americans

White People’s Gift

Tonight in one of my English conversation classes (here in Japan), we were discussing eating habits and weight gain. One of my students proclaimed that it’s okay to get fat; especially for white people. “Most white people look Doraemon shape,” she said. (Doraemon pictured below for reference.) “But,” she went on, “it’s okay. It’s a … Continue reading White People’s Gift

Fleecing Weeaboos: The New Art of the Samurai

I was watching NHK World News a while back and came across a pretty sweet nugget. NHK is basically Japan's CBC, but with the suck turned way down. Their World News cable network is pretty good. They run through the same stories for ten or fifteen minutes on the hour, with full news broadcasts at … Continue reading Fleecing Weeaboos: The New Art of the Samurai