White People’s Gift

Tonight in one of my English conversation classes (here in Japan), we were discussing eating habits and weight gain. One of my students proclaimed that it’s okay to get fat; especially for white people.

“Most white people look Doraemon shape,” she said. (Doraemon pictured below for reference.)

“But,” she went on, “it’s okay. It’s a gift!”

What? Really? What do you mean?

“It is! it’s a gift! Their organs are so strong! They can eat so much bread and get so fat, and it’s okay! They are still alive! If Japanese people get so fat, most of us will die.

“White people’s organs are so strong! They can drink so much, drug so much, and get so fat, but still they are alive! It’s a gift!”

Well, lady, when you put it that way, I guess you’re right. White people certainly do appear to be quite gifted in that way these days.

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