On Japanese Wives

First of all: shame on all of you who read the title of this piece in a dirty-minded, lascivious way! Shame!

Now, if we can get our mind (at least slightly) out of the gutter. There are those who think Japanese women are demure, passive, and subservient. As a husband to a Japanese wife, I am here to tell you that those who think such have fallen for Japanese women’s soft sell, girlfriend persona.

If we must qualify human relationship in binary terms of opposition, we can then liken Japanese women’s strategy in the war of the sexes to judo. As a man you will be totally confident that you are in control; that your strength is dominating. You are moving the relationship precisely where you want it to be.

Then, without warning, the world will spin out from under you and you find yourself completely at her mercy. As with a judoka, your Japanese woman has thrown you to the ground and into an arm bar.

Just relax though, don’t fight it. It is time to tap out.

And here is where the judo metaphor ends. For this part can be really good too.

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