The Children of Stron – part 10

Table of Contents (spoilers) read part 1 read part 9 Mannis paid their tab at The Scorched Apprentice, which was not light, and tipped their waitress handsomely. Their lunch had cost him as much as the last two nights at the inns combined. Mannis waved off their thanks dismissively. “Just thank Mr Maythorn for his … Continue reading The Children of Stron – part 10

Fantasy Hookers

Okay, what is the deal with massage parlor/rub and tug videos in the porn these days? This is both interesting and depressing to me. I'm all for the gonzo thing, since the pretense and pretension of harnessing porno with a plot always bothered me. But now we've got people fantasizing for sexy prostitution? Really? There's … Continue reading Fantasy Hookers

I'm sure it's no picnic being blind, but at least you must be able to save a lot of money on prostitutes! Just get an ugly one; it's not like you'll notice the difference. The ugly ones usually have a stronger work ethic, too. Win, win! -Balls Malone