You come here to me
and present yourself

I do see that
I know

I want it too

to take what is offered
taste what is given

teach you my ways

draw the quiver from your belly
out through your lips
as a moan

I’d love that

but I can’t
you know the reasons why

you’ve met them

I just hope you see all this in my eyes
and understand
while I drink in your beauty

my seed

(Alternative Title: If I Treated My Semen Like Some Women Do Their Menses)

my seed is the fecund stuff of humanity
from such, all are born
my jizz is acorn filled bounty
to be ploughed into fertile earth

I am host to a divine host
squiggly wriggly miracles
each carrying my ancestors entire
I squirt the universe out of my dick

or, wait…

like menses
there’s nothing mystical going on
it’s all fucking biology

eyes on the train

On the train
stopped at a station
I turn back
Twisting to see
who has joined us

Eye contact
Your eyes exactly where
mine first focus


Your eyes locked right in
on mine

Like we each knew
Where the other would be

too fast to be guarded
to raise up a shield
We see each other



We both understand
a thought passed between us
Like electricity shared
through an invisible wire

In another time
another place
we’d be fucking like crazy

Not this time round, though

Just a nice little moment
Shared between strangers
Passing each other by


So this is modern life. What wonders.
Peer into your phone.
The modern Oracle.
This is what we live for now.


If nothing is meaningful without transposition into pixels and code,
then how can I have meaning?

Take that selfie.
There you are. Ones and zeros in dots of light.
That’s better. Now you’re something.

Share it.
Like it.
Tweet it.


Why is it all so empty?
Why do I hate myself?
Why do I hate the ones I love?
Why am I empty?
What do I have?
What do I want?
What do I need?
What am I?

Who am I?

There are no answers for this most important question in your new Oracle.

A sea of likes and circle-jerk positivity will only muddy your mind.

Don’t worry too much though.
Though it wounds like a thorny parasite worming its way through you,
shitting cancer as it goes,
this is the modern condition.
The gift of consumer capitalism.
Suck it up.

They have pills for you to numb the worst of it now.

Ask your doctor what is right for you.