Bob's not just an executive vice-president. He's an industrial-strength PowerDouche, Executive Class, guaranteed to extract profit from wherever it is put! Thanks to Bob, his company's shareholders have seen their dividends grow and grow! (WARNING: PowerDouche models may cause widespread societal collapse.)

Dialogue in the Workplace

“Gee whiz, Dave, you sure do look worried today. What seems to be troubling you?”“Well, Joe, it’s just that I’m growing concerned that Bob isn’t taking his responsibilities as an auditor seriously.”“Hmmm… Well, that is a pickle there, Dave. I guess all I can tell you is that we all have had similar concerns regarding … Continue reading Dialogue in the Workplace

A Business Question

Well, alright then, Mr. Business Success Consultant with all your snappy answers for every possible scenario, tell me this: What do you do when you're giving an crucial presentation to the Board of Directors and your butt plug pops out and slides down the back of your pant leg, and you know from bitter experience … Continue reading A Business Question