Workplace Dialogue Number 42-A3

A: Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Ms Juniper.

B: Thank you, Mr Vila. Likewise!

A: Oh, please call me Bob.

B: Thank you, Bob. Please call me Jane.

A: I will, Jane! As often as I can!

B: Ha, ha! Well, I’m afraid that Mr Masher is going to be tied up in a meeting for just a little while more. Do you mind waiting?

A: Not at all. But I hope you’re not too busy to keep me company, Jane.

B: Ha, ha! Can I get you anything to drink while you wait?

A: No, that’s fine, Jane. I had a beer in the taxi. But, if you don’t mind me saying, Jane, I think you look like a marvelous slut.

B: Well, thank you, Bob! Now that you mention it, I am widely considered the best office slut here at this branch, and within the top ten in in the entire company!

A: That’s great! You know, Jane, I am very slutty myself. Maybe we should have a genital get-together some time.

B: Bob! What a flirt! Oh! Here comes Ms Fluffer, Mr Masher’s personal assistant. He must be ready to see you. I will be sure to get back to you about your meeting proposal before you leave.

A: That’s great, Jane! Thank you so much for your warm, convivial presence and impeccable, yet luscious, business attire. Just one more question: is there some place I can take a piss around here? That beer went right through me! And I would hate to have to murder one of your lovely potted plants.

B: Oh, Bob! You rascal! Of course! Follow me, please!

A: Jane, that would be my most sincere pleasure! Thank you so much!

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