Format Change

Those few people who follow this blog may at some point have asked themselves what the hell it is I am up to. This is a valid question. Basically, the content is all over the place, and little or no effort has been made to organize it, or my wider approach, into something more cohesive.

I do understand that this has been counterproductive for the blog’s success. There are a two golden rules of content creation and I have been breaking them both.

One: Post your content regularly and reliably.

Two: Stay on brand. If you decide to do a blog about, say, cupcake baking, then you need to make sure your posts relate in some way to cupcakes. Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!

So, given that I have completely failed to adhere to these two rules, it has been no surprise that this blog has not gone anywhere, in terms of readership or followers. That I routinely delight in posting obscene or otherwise problematic content probably doesn’t help either.

I my defense, I can only suggest that one look to the blog’s name to get a sense of my approach to it and my content.

Further, I must now admit that most of the content I’ve been posting here is not new. Don’t get me wrong: It is my intellectual property. I am its author. But it is mostly content that I wrote several years ago for a now defunct micro-blog on another platform that I decided to pull the plug on out of dissatisfaction with the hosting site. Those few followers and lurkers that followed me here from those days are appreciated.

Of course, I do, on occasion, write new content to post here. It is not all old stuff.

The idea of this blog, then, has been to curate my favorite content from the old blog. To layer it in here as an archive of my previous eclectic, often distasteful, work. A historical record, if you will, of my early writing.

However, in the years since I shut down my other blog and opened this one, I have not been idle. I have been working hard, writing almost constantly, on what I consider my real work. And what is that, you might ask?

My main goal in writing is to be a fantasy novelist. There. I said it.

Now, having said this, I understand there is no reason for it to have been apparent to anyone who follows this blog. And for my dozen or so loyal followers, I do hope that you continue to enjoy my coming offerings. If you do not, I can only offer you my sincere apologies for this format shift. (Although, I suppose that given my lack of coherent approach until now, it would be more correct to simply say, “format.”)

So, to be clear about this: This blog shall now be about fantasy. There will be a weekly fantasy fiction serial, as well as other pieces concerning the fantasy genre, fantasy writing, and fantasy role playing games.

I do now intend to follow the two golden rules of content creation. Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy!

Of course, when I have an itch to scratch, I may allow myself some off-brand posts in the vein of what this, my personal blog, has been. But it will be a supplement and not a feature.

In short: it is time for me to get serious about my unserious enterprise.

So, in closing, I thank my readers who have stayed with me this far. I do hope you enjoy what is to come. If you do not, however, I offer my sincere apologies for changing what I am all about here.

Finally, I would just like to say that I am very excited to begin sharing what I have been working so hard on for these past years.

Thank you.

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