Emotions and feelings are all chemicals. This does not mean they are not real; quite the contrary. Providing the formula for love does not invalidate love. It just means the ghost in the machine is chemical. We are chemical and electrical beings.

“Love is just a chemical formula.”

Yeah, so is strychnine. What’s your point?

Did you know that people on cocaine and people playing slot machines have virtually identical brain scans? What does this tell us? That sensory input can be just as potent to us as any drug. Smash cut to a smartphone screen: Swipe left… Swipe right… Swipe left…

“Got to keep stimulated.” Crank that happy helmet up to 11. [Ren & Stimpy / Spinal Tap]

Just as drugs are addictive, so too are emotional states. If you feel something for long enough, you get as addicted to those chemicals as you will to anything. It’s all the worse because it’s not like it’s a drink or a powder that you’re putting into your body. It’s a type of person or a situation you are putting into your life. It can be hard to connect those dots. But, like a chemical, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Doesn’t mean it isn’t potent enough to kill you more surely than a bullet.

Did you have a miserable, unpleasant childhood? That’s too bad, but you’re all grown up now. Welcome to adulthood! What are you going to choose for yourself? There’s so much to pick from. Misery and unpleasantness is it? Surprise, surprise.

Straight back to the toxic comfort zone we go.

And so it goes…

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