It seems to me that most of the whinging about freedom of choice isn’t about any real impingement of freedom. People have the freedom not to get vaccinated. What they are whining about is being criticized and stigmatized for their selfish use of their freedom.

You are free to do what you want. And I’m free to think less of you for it. Freedom, baby! Yeah!

I have the freedom to chain-smoke cigarettes in my car with my child locked in there with me. This is a freedom I have. Freedom!

But, no, I’m going to demand that not only do I have this freedom, but that I ought not to be criticized for doing so. Because it is my opinion that secondhand smoke is not harmful. That’s a myth perpetrated by the evil medical science cabal. How dare anyone try to tell me otherwise! What sheep they are. Do your own research!

And then, once my ever diminishing circle of reasonable friends and associates stop communicating with me, I will truly be a victim of oppression. What fun.

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