Babies of all Ages

One fun thing about babies is that all of their babbling and nonsense is entirely purposeful. They believe wholeheartedly that they have something important to say and are expressing it clearly; that the remote control truly belongs in the trash. They have important work to do.Sadly, people rarely lose this perception of themselves, although some … Continue reading Babies of all Ages

Dueling Echo Chambers

I would like to start this piece with a one man play entitled:“Using Facebook.” Me: “Hmm, lets see what’s going on in Facebook.” Me, literally ten seconds later and three swipes into my feed: “I immediately regret this decision! What the fuck is wrong with you fucking people? How could I know this many stupid … Continue reading Dueling Echo Chambers


Always remember that conservatives, wherever they be, are actually pro-crime. Crime is their whole business model. Stock market scams; white-collar larceny; tax and liability avoidance; corporate regulation circumvention; corruption; sexual assault; police brutality: they love all this shit! Just so long as it is their kind of people doing the dirt. The White Patriarch does … Continue reading Criminal