Dueling Echo Chambers

I would like to start this piece with a one man play entitled:“Using Facebook.” Me: “Hmm, lets see what’s going on in Facebook.” Me, literally ten seconds later and three swipes into my feed: “I immediately regret this decision! What the fuck is wrong with you fucking people? How could I know this many stupid … Continue reading Dueling Echo Chambers

Millennials are Garbage

So, millennials, huh? What went wrong there? And golly, Enid, those flappers sure were a real menace, what with their reefer and jazz music and sex in motorcars. And then with the beatniks! And don't get me started on those dirty hippies! Punks! The world is going to hell in a handbasket! Hmmm, now that … Continue reading Millennials are Garbage

People Who Make Hyperbolical Attacks Should Be Shot

When hyperbolical postures are taken, liberties are sure to follow. Meat is murder, is it? An animal's soul is the equivalent of a human's, you say? If I look perturbed at this point it is only because it odd to me that you could believe those things, and tell me so over a lunch where … Continue reading People Who Make Hyperbolical Attacks Should Be Shot