Shadow Cats

I was well into my thirties before I discovered that having shadow cats in your life isn't normal.Shadow cats are what I call a certain kind of hallucination I get sometimes. Usually when I'm tired. They're these blobs of darkness that zip about in my peripheral vision. Very much like a black cat slinking around … Continue reading Shadow Cats

Mental Hygiene: The Stop Sign

In order to heal and to improve ourselves it is critical to manage our thoughts. Not control; manage. Start by paying attention to your inner monologue. What kinds of things do you fill your void up with? Are these things you would enjoy hearing from loved ones? If not, you need to work on what … Continue reading Mental Hygiene: The Stop Sign

Listening For Our Voice

When thinking of our personal growth, it is important to realize that no one ever really changes who they are. At best, we simply learn to mitigate our extremes and soften the rougher edges. If anything, as we age and learn more about ourselves, by concentrating on healing and living a life that is right … Continue reading Listening For Our Voice

Humble Selfie

“Humble selfie” is the perfect oxymoron for our times. I realize that most people who do the whole selfie thing probably have no idea what I'm talking about here. Not just that they don't know what the word oxymoron means (although most probably don't), but that they aren't able to get why it is oxymoronic. … Continue reading Humble Selfie

On Smartphones

I recently had an exchange with a close friend that condensed some nebulous feelings I've been having into annoyance acute enough to distill into this. Such is my process. My friend discovered that I don't have a smartphone. I never thought this was a big deal, but rather than treating the revelation with the same … Continue reading On Smartphones