The Children of Stron – part 49

Table of Contents (spoilers) read part 1 read part 48 Unger did not allow them to linger long outside the Old Mill tower. He had Aaron and Munn carry Knuckle straight back to their compound. Choke followed them, piggybacking Peep. Unger took up the rear and covered them with his warbow. As they passed the … Continue reading The Children of Stron – part 49

Mental Hygiene: The Stop Sign

In order to heal and to improve ourselves it is critical to manage our thoughts. Not control; manage. Start by paying attention to your inner monologue. What kinds of things do you fill your void up with? Are these things you would enjoy hearing from loved ones? If not, you need to work on what … Continue reading Mental Hygiene: The Stop Sign

What is Forgiveness?

Words are funny things. Ask a bunch of English native speakers what the word, “capricious” means, and even among those who routinely use the word correctly, you aren't going to get many who are confident in their response. Yet simpler words, used everyday by most everyone, we never question our definitions of. Love. Happy. Freedom. … Continue reading What is Forgiveness?