America’s Patriotic Cop Killers

When American gun lovers and gun violence fanboys fall back on the argument that they need the Second Amendment and their guns to protect against governmental tyranny, please keep in mind that they just told you that they need their guns in case they need to kill police officers. That is the practicality of what … Continue reading America’s Patriotic Cop Killers

Cars Don’t Kill People

Cars are merely a tool designed to get people and goods from point A to point B. It is the people who misuse this tool that cause all the problems. As a believer in Freedom, I think it is completely bogus that the nanny state restricts that freedom in regards to this tool. Since the … Continue reading Cars Don’t Kill People

In Other News, Water Remains Wet

Oh, what's this? There's been another mass shooting in the United States? Well, of course there has. Winnipeg is cold. Okinawa gets typhoons. America has mass shootings. Anyone who knows Japan at all knows that Okinawa gets typhoons. It's a given. On a long enough time scale there will certainly be another one along. The … Continue reading In Other News, Water Remains Wet