America’s Patriotic Cop Killers

When American gun lovers and gun violence fanboys fall back on the argument that they need the Second Amendment and their guns to protect against governmental tyranny, please keep in mind that they just told you that they need their guns in case they need to kill police officers. That is the practicality of what they are envisioning. There is no other way to interpret the argument.

To take this one step farther: this person therefore has a scenario in their head where cop killing is completely acceptable. Perhaps there is a secret signal that certain bloggers have arranged. “When I post an upside down American flag, that means I think it’s okay for ya’ll to start killing pigs.”

Of course, there are plenty of criminal and antisocial people out there who advocate cop killing. I’m just a little surprised how cool mainstream society is with folks explicitly saying they are preparing to kill police when those people are:

A: White.

B: Also hitting Republican or Trumpist talking points.

And C: Framing the conversation in nebulous terms of constitutional rights and freedoms.

It seems to go over everybody’s fucking heads. They’ve heard the arguments so many times, have had those arrangements of words droned into their ears by supposedly patriotic people for so long, that it doesn’t really have any meaning anymore. The arguments are couched in the language of America’s foundation myths. A fight against tyranny! Taxation without representation! Therefore, I need my stockpile of military grade killing machines for when the government comes to take my freedoms!

It sounds so much more reasonable than someone saying they are planning on killing any police that try to arrest them for whatever reason.

But have a black rapper allude to something in art and people lose their shit. This is nothing new, of course. Clapton sings “I Shot the Sheriff,” and white folks sing in chorus; Ice Tea connects those dots in a more direct fashion and he gets a congressional committee shoved up his ass.

All I’m saying here is that when you hear the gun rights people going on about tyranny and all that, you should try to clear your head from the fog of foundational propaganda and realize what it is they are actually talking about. Just because they are white and wearing an American flag does not mean they are any less dangerous than other groups that like to talk about killing police. It’s just that their gang colors are red, white, and blue.

Cars Don’t Kill People

Cars are merely a tool designed to get people and goods from point A to point B. It is the people who misuse this tool that cause all the problems.

As a believer in Freedom, I think it is completely bogus that the nanny state restricts that freedom in regards to this tool. Since the right to travel is universal, there should be no restrictions on car ownership or usage.

Anyone, regardless of age or ability, should be able to buy and use a car however they want. Stop signs, traffic signals, and road laws such as speed limits and what side of the road to drive on are contrary to our basic human rights and should be abolished.

Don’t let government restrict our freedoms just because a few reckless people misuse their cars. It is not the role of the state to regulate common sense!

Now, if you think this is a strange and reckless position to adopt, just remember that it is precisely the same argument that American gun rights advocates use. Except, in their case, the universal human right they reference is that to self-defense, and, you know, the only utility guns have is to kill.

Cars don’t kill people, people kill people.

The thing is: this is fine! If you are a gun rights advocate who wants to take this absolutist position (like the NRA), this is your right as a human being with a brain that is functioning on some minimal level. But you need to keep in mind that when you use such an argument, I’m naturally going to lump you in with the people who argue long and hard with what they think are facts and logic that the story of Noah’s Arc is historical fact, or that the world is flat.

You are in good company!

In Other News, Water Remains Wet

Oh, what’s this? There’s been another mass shooting in the United States?

Well, of course there has.

Winnipeg is cold. Okinawa gets typhoons. America has mass shootings.

Anyone who knows Japan at all knows that Okinawa gets typhoons. It’s a given. On a long enough time scale there will certainly be another one along. The only unknowns are the frequency of events and their intensity.

And when they come around, we send our thoughts and prayers out to those affected folks in Okinawa. Those victims of this predictable, natural, unstoppable phenomenon.

Thoughts and prayers. Because after things are cleaned up, that’s all there is to do about it. We can’t stop the weather.

Winnipeg is the shits. Okinawa gets typhoons.

The United States has shootings.