Dumpster Fire Chique

A huge industrial dumpster. Plumes of toxic black smoke roil out of it into the sky over tongues of orange flame. Nubile models with dead sooty eyes feed the flames with pitchforks from atop piles of designer goods. Gucci. Louis Vuitton. Hermes. Handbags. Clothes. Shoes. All speared and thrown to the flames. At one end … Continue reading Dumpster Fire Chique

Hedda and Lance: a Love Story (part five)

by Balls Malone part one here part two here part three here part four here part six here Hedda was sitting down to another of her lunch dates with Rupert Cornelius, acclaimed glamour and fashion photographer. They were seated in the patio of Maurice‚Äôs Grill, under the pleasant shade of palm fronds swaying overhead in … Continue reading Hedda and Lance: a Love Story (part five)