Always remember that conservatives, wherever they be, are actually pro-crime. Crime is their whole business model. Stock market scams; white-collar larceny; tax and liability avoidance; corporate regulation circumvention; corruption; sexual assault; police brutality: they love all this shit!

Just so long as it is their kind of people doing the dirt. The White Patriarch does what he wants. Society exists to facilitate him. Whatever he does is not regarded as “real crime” by his system; by the conservatives and neo-liberals he buys to grease its wheels.

It is poor people and their crimes that conservatives hate. Do keep this in mind when they go on about being tough on crime: they are talking about crushing the poor. The rich have always paid one group of the poor to brutalize and suppress the rest. This is the mechanism of the state.

The police do exist “to serve and protect.” Without a doubt. You just have to keep in mind that it aint you they are serving. They exist to protect those they do serve from the likes of you.

But do tell us more, oh corporate shills, how taxation for social welfare programs and education is the real class warfare.

Morning Chaos

Going to take that first piss in the morning, brain still foggy with dreams. One of life’s simple pleasures.

Suddenly, my pee stream bisects; both streams are perfectly missing the toilet. Crisis! Must immediately decide whether to continue pissing on the floor with both streams, or to get one in the toilet, sending the other onto a wall (whichever I choose, since being a Japanese setup, it’s a toilet in a tiny room all to itself).

Like Afghanistan, there can be no happy solution.

Much as that country’s invaders, past and present, I totally fuck everything up by attempting all three possible solutions, one after another, in quick succession. I thus ensure that while no one area is completely drenched in piss, everywhere gets a nice sprinkling.

If only I could just fuck off at this point and leave the toilet to deal with this itself. Sadly, this is not Afghanistan, and I am no imperial power.