Yeah, so this evening after a long day of work some autistic-esque asshole cut in front of me in line to get on the train for my evening commute and I totally wanted to beat him to death right then and there. And some lucid part of my brain was telling me that a lot of that anger inside me is probably coming from my daughter having been diagnosed with autism in the last month. But my lizard brain really wanted to hurt that guy. Badly. I wanted badly to hurt him bad, is what I mean. But instead I sat there and stewed in it for my whole commute. And then I realized that I’m just like some fucking after-school TV-special dad character trope with this shit. Real original. But it’s all just because I love so damn much! Right?


Babies of all Ages

One fun thing about babies is that all of their babbling and nonsense is entirely purposeful. They believe wholeheartedly that they have something important to say and are expressing it clearly; that the remote control truly belongs in the trash. They have important work to do.

Sadly, people rarely lose this perception of themselves, although some people do actually develop the faculties to communicate, think, and act effectively.

Many don’t, however. Like babies, these folks stumble on through life convinced they make sense and are doing important work.

Only now they can drive and own guns and stuff. Sometimes they run countries.

my seed

(Alternative Title: If I Treated My Semen Like Some Women Do Their Menses)

my seed is the fecund stuff of humanity
from such, all are born
my jizz is acorn filled bounty
to be ploughed into fertile earth

I am host to a divine host
squiggly wriggly miracles
each carrying my ancestors entire
I squirt the universe out of my dick

or, wait…

like menses
there’s nothing mystical going on
it’s all fucking biology